About Me


Hey! I’m Marc & I’m a 2D artist, game designer, musician, gamer & beardsmith…among other things!

I’m originally from Monaghan but I’ve been living in Dublin for almost 10 years so I’m a sort of ‘urbanised culchie’ I guess.

This site serves as both my art portfolio & my blog, though I’ve been a bit quiet on the latter of late. Don’t worry I’ll start ranting again any day now!

I work part time as a sales assistant in retail to pay the bills, but 2D Art & Game Design are basically my life. I work part-time for a small game development team called Dark Oasis Studios in Dublin.

I mainly have experience as an environment artist but I’m somewhat of a middle man when it comes to game design as I can work in many areas of the design process. Brainstorming, concept artwork, level design, game design, 2D character development, animation, storytelling, music and coffee making are all areas where I can be useful! 

I’m definitely not a programmer but I know enough of C# and general OOP principles to be able to work and communicate effectively with a programmer or developer.

I’m always looking for new opportunities and a chance to do what I love full time so feel free to contact me anytime if you have a position available and you think I might be the right fit.

Email:          marcod86@hotmail.com

LinkedIn:     https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcodonoghue86

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/marcod86

Mobile:         +353863187290


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