Game Production 9

Game Production

Well, we didn’t quite reach the 200 likes we needed in the end but we had fun trying! We did get a lot of really positive feedback from people overall & it was fun to see people’s faces light up with nostalgia when they saw the Facebook page & played the game.

Sarah “went to town” with memes in promotion of the game & they definitely had a positive impact! See some example below!

  Not quite 200 but good enough for me!

My Facebook banner image!

Meme 1!

Meme 2!

Meme 3!


Overall this project was a brilliant learning exercise & reminded me why I chose to do this Masters in the first place! It was extremely challenging (especially for Fabrizio…he may have questioned his own mortality a few times!!)  but immensely rewarding in the end.

We learned many things during the course of this module including:

  • The basics of the whole game production process on a small scale
  • Careful planning is absolutely vital to the success of a project
  • Tools like Assembla make life so much easier & help to track the workload & contributions of the group
  • The controls & character movements are the number 1 priority, get them sorted 1st!
  • Realistic character movements really add a lot to the game experience
  • AGAIN…GameMaker is good a some things but useless at others!
  • Promotion of a game is not easy:
    • You often need to establish a unique selling point or different slant on the game
    • You really need to make an impact in the relevant community to get noticed
    • If possible get in contact with the original creator(s) of the game
    • It’s very easy to lose friends on Facebook with constant promotion of your project on their news feed!

The other projects in the class are well worth a look so here are the links below!


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