Game Production 6

Game Production

After build 3 we had a few different people test the game to get some basic feedback from a different perspective, including our module lecturer Hugh McAtamney. The general consensus was that the movement of the prince didn’t quite feel right. Fabrizio had developed the movements based on friction & acceleration. Some felt that this wasn’t really in keeping with the original game. Some points of concern are below:

  • It felt like you were skating along the ground rather than running on it
  • The jumps didn’t cover the same distance as in the original game, making it harder to judge distances
  • There were too many animation & collision bugs
  • Some of the functionality of the prince was missing (hanging on ledges)

At this stage, we re-evaluated our approach to the movements & ended up completely re-doing them from scratch. This unfortunately created another nightmare for Fabrizio as lead programmer, as he had to discard almost 4 weeks work. We made a decision to leave out the ledge-hanging mechanic & other small features as we felt they were beyond the capabilities of the GameMaker program.

In the end the movements overhaul was worth it! Fabrizio adopted a new approach by where the prince character moved by a certain number of floor tiles for each animation. It required some further tweaking to improve the fluidity of the movements but everyone who tested the game thereafter was much happier with the feel of the game.

Build 4

Build 4 was going to be our first major deadline for the module so we wanted to have a full level ready to play with all the basic interactions (except for enemies, these would come later).
I had the task of adding the other half of the first level to the game. This again involved placing wall & floor objects and changing the background image so the full level could be seen. I also added the rest of the interactive objects & the corresponding prince animations to the game:
  • Shaking / Falling / Broken tiles
  • Buttons & gates
  • Guillotines
  • Spikes
  • End-of-level door
  • Potions (good & bad) (no functionality yet, just animated sprites!)

Anyway, below is the link to the finished Build 4 .exe file! Enjoy!


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