Game Production 7

Game Production

Build 4 went well anyway! Some more people tested the game & they were really impressed with what we had done so far, especially given that we had chosen one of the hardest games. It was nice to get positive feedback, it kind of injected some passion back into the project after the blood, sweat & tears that had gone into it so far!

At this point we continued adding more of the missing interactions & mechanics into the game for build 5:

  • Potions
  • Life system
  • Game reset after you die
  • Sword pick-up
  • Prince sword combat animations & movements

Find the link to build 5 here:

Game Promotion!

Having gotten this far & having a decent understanding of our pipeline of work for the next few weeks, we were told to start promotion of our games online! This initially meant setting up a Facebook page & creating a teaser trailer to go on YouTube. See the link to the Facebook page & teaser trailer below.

Our main goal was to try & get 200 likes on our Facebook page & create a bit of a buzz around the game in it’s respective community. Unfortunately we’re still waiting on our 200 likes but 143 to date isn’t too bad I suppose!

Over the next few weeks we would continue to add content to the game & fix any remaining bugs but our main aim was to maximise the promotion of the game through sites like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, forums, etc.

Next up: enemies, enemy AI & a second level!


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