Game Production 5

Game Production

Build 3

At this point, while we were still not 100% happy with the character movements, we felt they were sufficiently well established to allow us to go ahead with other areas of the game.

Sarah & Fabrizio started implementing various sounds in the game, such as the prince’s footsteps, the “thud” sound when he landed from a height & the intro jingle at the start of the level.

I started working on the interactive objects. These included:

  • shaking, falling & broken tiles
  • spikes
  • guillotines
  • gates
  • buttons

As we had converted the level layouts to 2D, many of the interactive objects needed to be altered or new ones created from scratch. The availability of sprites was also an issue at this stage so in many cases I had to play the free Flash version of the game online & take print screens at different times to capture the different frames of animation of various animated objects!

Again this was a relatively long process having to work pixel-by-pixel when reworking most of the images but it was a good learning exercise in how to approach the design of these types of assets in a game. Below are some of the original assets with my altered versions for comparison (including some animated GIFs – click & see!!).

At this stage I was comfortable with creating animated GIF images for testing outside of GameMaker so I went ahead & created other animations which would be used at a later stage, see GIFs below.


Next up Build 4…& a lot more heartache!


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