Game Production 4

Game Production

By far the hardest part of the Prince of Persia project was getting the character movements to feel right. For our lead programmer Fabrizio in particular, this meant a LOT of blood, sweat & tears!

For me & Sarah, our task was simpler but no less tedious. We had to separate each of the sprites in the massive sprite sheet & put them together again in GameMaker as separate frames of a particular movement animation. An example of the basic running animation is below:

To put things in perspective, the prince character had around 22 different movement animations, each with between 5 & 18 frames! No wonder the character movements in the original game were so highly praised; no other game had gone into this much detail before!!

Build 2

For the 2nd build of the game, we decided to recreate just one side of the first level. This was mainly to make sure we would actually have something to show in the next class, as the whole process was quite time consuming!

Fabrizio focused on tweaking the character movements & successfully triggering the movement animations. Sarah continued to dice up the sprite sheet & started looking for other assets which would be used at a later stage, including enemy sprites & sounds!

I focused on creating the level. This involved creating a static background image & then placing wall & floor sprites as solid objects for the prince object to interact with. See image below.The position of each object had to be pixel perfect so as not to create any collision bugs.

I then worked with Fabrizio to make sure the game camera was set up to follow the prince character. At this point we made the decision to make the game a flowing side-scroller as opposed to the original game’s scree-by-screen approach (similar to later games like Abe’s Oddysee). This again made life a lot easier as it got rid of the need for multiple scenes or cameras. It also didn’t change the gameplay experience too much so it was a decent compromise.

Below is the link to Build 2:

Next up, interactive objects!


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