Game Production 2

Game Production

Ok! Our chosen game for this project was the original 1989 Prince of Persia. This was essentially a semi-2D platform game loosely based on “Aladdin” or an “Arabian Nights” theme. You play as a prince who must escape from an elaborate dungeon to save the princess from the evil Vizier. More details on the game in a bit! First up is the management side of the project!

For this project we were required to keep a development log using a tool such as Trello, Assembla or even Google Docs, depending on the size of the team & the complexity of the game. We chose Assembla as it seemed to have a lot more functionality than Trello & also because it would most likely be the tool we would use for our overall final project for the MSc. Assembla very quickly became essential to the success of the project.

Go to Assembla

Using Assembla we were easily able to break up and track the tasks that were involved in the deliverable for each week’s class. We would set up Milestones which would quantify major deadlines over several weeks. We would then assign Tickets to ourselves or each other within each milestone, detailing what was to be done in this particular task & the time-frame involved. We could update the status of each ticket to reflect our progress on the task, including uploading necessary files or links. The Files tab was used for uploading any research, assets, files and different builds of the game. The Messages section would be used to track team discussion of any major issues. For reasons I will detail in a later post, we did not use the Wiki section but we did become familiar with it so that we would know how to use it for the major project.

Overall Assembla was vital in keeping track of the project as it became bigger and bigger. This would undoubtedly become the case with the Major Project also so this was a really good learning process.

Next up, starting to create the game!


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