Board Game

Ludology & Gameplay

As the first major project for the Ludology & Gameplay module, we were told to create a time-management style board game!

We were told to from groups & using all the knowledge we had gained so far, create our very own board game from scratch! We were more or less given free reign to design anything we wanted as long as it kept to the criteria outlined below.

I teamed up with Fabrizio Valerio Covone & Bernhard Raml. We immediately set to identifying themes & mechanics we were interested in. Very early on we decided to create a board game centred around Irish/Celtic folklore/ mythology. We also decided very early on that the game would be an economy/resource management game as well as containing the time-management mechanic.

Our first presentation is below!

We chose “Na Celtigh” as the name for our board game. For any non-Irish speakers, that simply means “The Celts”! Below is the link to our dedicated “Na Celtigh” development blog.

Below is our final presentation, after the board game was finished & submitted. It details our overall conclusions & findings as well as some areas we could develop further in the future.

Overall this was an extremely enjoyable & worthwhile exercise as it taught us a massive amount about how to work as part of a game production team, among many, many other things.


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