Ludology 6

Ludology & Gameplay


This week we were given some puzzles to solve from Professor Layton & The Curious Village on Nintendo DS. We spent most of the class trying to figure out the solutions to the puzzles. In my case trying was more or less all I did! Needless to say, puzzles are not my forte!

After this exercise we were told to create at least 10 new puzzles of our own, based on the examples we had seen in class. This was a massive challenge for me I have to admit, but it was fun & really got me to think outside the box with logic!

My puzzles are in the presentation below!

For those of you who didn’t skip ahead, well done! Below are the solutions!

After this we were told to team up with a classmate & combine our best puzzles. We would then need to create some form of storyline to tie all the puzzles together, just like in Professor Layton! I teamed up with Sarah Bevan to create the zombie-wedding-themed puzzle story below (with solutions)! Enjoy!!


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