Ludology 5

Ludology & Gameplay

For this class we were tasked with playing a free-to-play time management game from a list & then using a the matrix method from the previous class, identifying the following:

  • How does the game represent reality?
  • What are the conflict scenarios?
  • What are the interactions related to these conflict scenarios?
  • What is the progression path & reward?
  • Where is the game flow?

We would then make a presentation outlining our conclusions & findings. See below.

The feedback I received was pretty much what I expected; my matrix wasn’t detailed enough & the presentation overall needed more images & illustrations of of the actions within the game. In order to fully analyse the game the interactions, outcomes & strategy associated with the conflict scenarios would need to have been displayed in a matrix also.

However, overall my presentation was well received & other’s who had played the game agreed that there was little in the way of reward or sense of satisfaction in the game!

Next week…puzzles!


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