Ludology 3

Ludology & Gameplay

Following on from our look at “Gamification” & the GDC microtalks, in week 3 we were asked to give our own microtalk on the topic of “My Life as Game”!

We were to explore 5 areas of our lives that could be turned into games & quickly explain how / why in a 5 minute microtalk to the rest of the class. We were asked to use Slideshare to make our presentation. See mine below!

This was a fun & useful exercise as it showed you can take inspiration for games from anywhere. From the reaction of the class to certain game ideas it was clear that often a mundane task that everyone hates can be really easily turned into something fun that they would genuinely enjoy!

My favourite of my own ideas was that of “Procrastinator”! The concept seemed to interest a few people in the class & it could be a fun idea to play around with so I may put it in my pocket for later! 🙂

At this stage we were also told to begin developing our blogs! This would help with idea development, inspiration, thought process & evaluation of all aspects of the course. So far so good!


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