Ludology 2

Ludology & Gameplay

In the second week of Ludology we explored the idea of “Gamification” which is basically the idea of turning mundane tasks/activities into games. We looked a little into game theory lectures form Stanford University. These would become particularly useful later in the module when creating our own board games!

We also looked at the the GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) microtalks. For me, these were particularly interesting. GDC microtalks are short-talk-format presentations where each speaker has a fixed time limit to deliver a particular idea based on a predetermined topic. In 2011, the topic was: Say how you play. Find the link to the UK Gamespot article below.

Another area we looked at was the moral / social value of games, particularly creating games which provoke thought & discussion on important issues. The link to one site which promotes this area is below:

Overall this was a really interesting week! It provided a LOT of food for thought & quickly got rid of my naive preconceptions that the games industry is all “fun & games” (for want of a better phrase!). It was refreshing to find that creating games can help raise awareness & understanding of various issues. One interesting example of this is the “Darfur is Dying” game below:


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