Ludology 1

Ludology & Gameplay

The 1st class for this module started out as my worst nightmare…being creative under pressure! Having not had a creative thought in over 3 years, I immediately felt the pressure!

We were tasked with creating a mini game for a minimum of 2 players in 10 minutes & just using random items we pulled out of a box of…stuff! We would then be put into teams to test out each other’s games. I ended up with some felt squares, dice, some Lego blocks, some straws, a marker, a pen & a sheet of A4 paper.

We had to write down the winning condition, the initial game set-up, the game rules & a description of the playing pieces. We were not allowed to explain the game verbally to the team members so it was vital that they understood the game fully just from the description on the paper!

I just about got my game finished in time! My game was a simple timed obstacle course of the random items laid out on the A4 page with a Lego brick as the start point & the dice as the end point. The twist was that you had to use the straws to blow the felt strips through the obstacle course!

Winning condition: 

Navigate the obstacle course to reach dice at the end point without hitting anything or leaving the page area, then roll even to win!


  • Players take alternate turns on the course & have 1 minute to get to the end point.
  • Players use straws to blow felt pieces through course.
  • If you hit obstacles you go back to the start position. You only get 1 second try!
  • If you fail your 2nd try, it’s the other player’s turn!
  • 1st to reach the dice at the end point & roll even wins! If you roll odd, it’s the other player’s turn again!
Set Up:
  • Rock / paper / scissors to see who goes 1st.
  • Another player lays out the obstacle course on the A4 page in their own chosen layout, making sure the start & end points are clear & that the dice are at the end point. 
  • Suitable for 2+ players.


After each team member had played each other’s game, the best game from each team was chosen. We were than given 5 mins to make any changes we felt were needed to fix any flaws or make the game more fun! After this, we would swap with another team & play each other’s best games!

Though my game was a lot of fun, it wasn’t chosen as the best! 😦

Overall this turned out to be a fun experience & made everyone really think about what makes games fun & more importantly what makes them work!


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