Assignment 5 – Composition (Film Poster)

Design Practice

Our 5th assignment was to create a cinema film poster based on a film from one of 3 directors: Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock & Martin Scorsese. Our goal was to use the theme, subject matter, particular moments in the film, emotions encountered by the characters, etc. to create a striking, dramatic and / or thought-provoking poster which would attract fans of the film & newcomers alike.

We were limited to just 4 colours: black, white & 2 others of our choice. We also needed to include the cinema logo, booking info & show times. Type / font choice would be a key factor here as the wrong font could take away from the overall success of the image.

My choice was The Departed by Martin Scorsese.

Overall I was reasonably happy with my poster, particularly the use of blue & the cityscape. The most common colour used by my classmates in their posters was red so I was commended for taking a different approach! If I were to do it again I would most likely have gone for a more abstract / theme based approach & avoid images of the actors themselves.

Film Poster - The Departed

From this assignment I realised that I badly need to broaden my cinematic horizons! Out of the top 10 films from each dilm director (Kubrick, Hitchcock & Scorsese) I had only seen The Departed!! To rectify this situation I have undertaken the task of watching each of the top 10 films from each director in my own spare time. Look for my reviews in the personal category in the near future!


Assignment 4 – Typography

Design Practice

Our 4th assignment was a reading exercise on Typography. The reading material dealt mainly with with common type terminology & anatomy. The weight & style of text was an area I found particularly interesting. The use of italic, bold & CAPITAL letters can make a passage of test very easy / hard to read  & can be used to illicit a particular response.

We were then given a quick test on the material in the following week’s class which…I didn’t do well in! Again time management was my downfall…in that I spent very little time reading the material! I’ve since made up for my error by thoroughly reading through the material & researching the topic in more detail in my own time.

Needless to say, typography is an area with a huge body of detail but one which is essential in understanding when to use certain types/ fonts & why! Lesson well learned!

Assignment 3 – Colour Code

Design Practice

Our 3rd assignment was to develop a logo for a fictional iphone/ ipad ‘colour resource app’ named ‘Colour Code’. The logo needed to be scalable so that it would work in any media, from a small web icon & a full billboard. The logo also needed to work in black & white as well as in full colour. Choosing an appropriate font-style would also be a factor to consider.

Below are the final concepts I decided on, demonstrating different colour treatments & some black & white versions.

Assignment 2 – Colour Theory

Design Practice

Colour Theory, the 2nd assignment form Design Practice, dealt with the relationships between colours. We were tasked with exploring the different laws of colour contrast & finding examples of them in use in the world! We were also asked to create our own composition demonstrating an example of a particular colour contrast law. A mood board would then be created to display our work in an artistic manner. See mine below!

Colour Theory Mood Board

Assignment 1 – Word & Image

Design Practice

The 1st assignment from the Design Practice module of my Digital Games MSc was ‘Word & Image’. The assignment dealt with how people interpret words & the imagery they associate with them. We were asked to compose 8 images based on our interpretation of a particular word. The word I was assigned was ‘Queen’. Below are the 6 images I created. Yes, I only created 6…lesson to learn from this: pay attention to the details of a brief!

I didn’t give myself much time to complete this assignment so overall I wasn’t particularly happy. Another lesson to learn from this assignment: time management!